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All our welcome to visit our centre where every person is treated with high attention and respect.


Your choice of therapy may be influenced by a range of factors and is very much a personal choice.

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Choose from our extensive list of Classes at our Center. We offer classes such as Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga, Pilates etc.

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Latest Workshops at The Holistic Centre. To make an apointment , please contact us by email or telephone.

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When your personal skills, emotional responses and behavior patterns are not serving your life’s ambitions in the way that they should, we are...

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We offer a range of different coaching options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking to develop your personal or professional life, our...

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We offer many different kinds of massage, some of which are used to promote healing and diagnose potential issues, whilst others are simply for...

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We have developed a range of detox options that can be tailored to your individual needs. Here you can realign your physical and emotional self...

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Stress Management: Why is it so important?

Stress Management: Why is it so important?

Stress Management: Why is it so important? All of us have experienced stress at one time in our lives or another. Stress is our body’s response to...

Why Detox?

Why Detox?

When someone walks by you on the street and says “Hello, how are you?” do you even think for a second before you give your usual answer? Are you...

Emotional Detox

Emotional Detox

Do you hear your heart speaking to you? Can you feel all of the emotions it carries throughout your lifetime? Do you notice it beating every...


What Our Clients Say About Us

I've had therapy sessions on and off for the past year with Markos. I've always found I have more strength, energy and contentment after a session.Went to see him for six sessions about why I don't feel happy anymore. The results after the six sessions were amazing and have been great ever since.

Chris StewartWriter, Artist, Teacher

Markos has helped me take control of my life, helping me to become the best person I can be in a professional, positive and caring manner. Dealing with emotional issues I carried around from a very young age, not only that but guiding me in the right direction to achieving my goals successfully. Over a period of time I have made dramatic changes through the use of his techniques.

JennyYogi, Wellness Coach

No matter what kind of mood I have, the minute I step into the Center, I change, I become the happiest person in the world! Thank you so much for being here for us! Best Center Ever!!!

Jorge GardnerYoga Instructor
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