Why Detox?

When someone walks by you on the street and says “Hello, how are you?” do you even think for a second before you give your usual answer? Are you thinking about how you are feel, emotionally or physically? Do you ever just stop for a moment to listen to what your body has to say?

So being overweight is your body telling you that you have some things to let go of, that you need to free yourself from worry, fear or anger. High blood pressure is your body screaming for a rest and peace of mind.

See, our body is always working for us and in our favour, what’s stopping us from doing the same for our body? What could be more important than our well being in all aspects of us, physical, emotional, psychological? If you don’t think about yourself now, where do you see yourself in five years or ten years from now?

By relieving your body and mind of the toxins, you are creating the opportunity to be healthy, to install new habits and behaviors that lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

When is time to make a fresh start, it might be useful to know that you have all that you need with in you to begin to create that beginning not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically. By cleansing your body of all the piled-up waste, you are giving your gastrointestinal cells a rest. In that time, they can be recreated and become much stronger.

Detoxing the body gives numerous benefits, and we know you heard many of them including regulated blood pressure, no more headaches and muscle aches, increased energy, fat loss clearer thinking and many more to many in fact to least.

But what about detoxing the mind? Always being busy, having lots of thoughts running through your head, many tasks to be done or many suppressed problems is putting a fog on your mind making all the right choices blurry or invisible. And a single thought can change it all.

Detoxing your mind gives a clear sight, a healthy body, and balanced emotions.

Our body, mind, and emotions are interdepended. Studies have shown that working on one part of our system we also make a change in another. ( Emotional detox restores balance into your life, leaving you with serenity, feeling well rested, with much healthier energy to tackle future challenges.

If you think about the last two years of your life, not more, what are all the emotions you felt? What emotions were forbidden to feel, by someone else or even by you? What kind of meals did you have during the last two years? What kind of changes and stress did you experience? How much did all of that clutter cost you, in time, energy or money on different artificial treatments that don’t even work? How about health?

Changing nothing about what you do or who you are in the next two years leads to a very well-known place for you, and you know already whether you like that or not.

So, think about where you could be, what could you do and who could you be if you started living your life free of all limiting beliefs free from emotional conflicts and unproductive thoughts. What if you could start a life with a healthier body full of vital energy, emotional balance, and the thoughts that are supporting your well been and give you the confidence to pursue your every goal you set for yourself.

So instead of asking you why you would want to have that kind of life, think of one reason why you wouldn’t want to live a healthier more productive and prosperous, abundant life.

If you cannot come up with any, we are waiting for you at to support you through your change.

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