Emotional Detox

Do you hear your heart speaking to you? Can you feel all of the emotions it carries throughout your lifetime? Do you notice it beating every second, day after day, year after year? Do you ever feel grateful for that gift?

Did you know that the electromagnetic field of your heart is 60 times greater in amplitude than the electromagnetic field of your brain? And yet, somehow we still think the primary organ responsible for our thought, emotions, doubts, fears or hopes is our brain. Like everything else in our body, they work together, codependently.

Like the food we eat with our mouth, the emotions we feel through our heart stay in our body some time. And after a while, they can be transformed into beautiful, powerful energy to create a life you yearn for or into a disbalance, anxiety or even disease.

A physical detox won’t do much in the long term if you don’t take care of your emotions too. This is why it is imperative to be careful which emotions you let your body digest. We all know we are not supposed to eat junk food but are we aware that “junk” emotions can also be very harmful?

Your body knows this. It’s intelligence, that we are not even aware of, recognizes any imbalance and then acts accordingly to let you know so you can restore that balance. In this manner, when you are dissatisfied, unhappy or burdened with worrisome thought and you choose to ignore them, your heart will trigger an alarm. Sometimes through a “melody” of coronary heart disease so you can hear it better and act faster.

There are numerous research showing that our emotions affect our physical health. And a lot of times it touches the heart. Feelings of depression can weaken the heart making it prone to different diseases, one of them being coronary heart disease.

Each emotion we feel travels through our body. It goes through our every cell of each organ. And each feeling carries a different message. And each time, you can choose the message you want your body to hear.

Maybe now you can think about some of the messages your body has heard so far. Were those messages supporting, loving and caring? Or were they messages of worry, fear, anger or frustration?

Emotional detox is not a way to delete every negative feeling you ever experienced or are experiencing now. Emotional detox is a way to digest them properly. Feeling anger or sadness or fear can be a handy compass for you. All those emotions can guide you through hard or confusing times and be a transformational guide for you.

Numbing your emotion or pushing them aside makes them even stronger and harder to deal with. This is a perfect way to give them all the control leaving yourself in a powerless state of mind.

If you ever tried ignoring such emotions, then you must know it’s only a matter of time it comes back to get you and usually at the worst time possible.

Emotional detox lets you regain that control so you can fearlessly flush out all the emotions like you would toxins from food when you physically detox your body. This way you can let them go, once and for all and be ready for everything that comes your way, peacefully and with certainty, you can handle it all.

We are meant to be in a constant flow where different emotions are changing as we got through different situations and phases in our lives. To suppress an emotion means to break the flow and clog the path. Until you let those suppressed feelings go, they will create different problems in your body to get you notified that you need change.

Emotional detox lets you do that.

Wouldn’t it be great if it was actually possible to live in a worry-free state of mind, in balance and serenity? Can you even imagine everything it can bring into your life? What would being healthy really mean to you? Don’t let us assume, think for yourself and decide is all of it worth it to you with all the dreams, hopes and beliefs that would be possible for you to have them.

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