Why Our Centre ?

MyMbCare is a retreat made for you to set the foundation and develop a mind set for your health and wellness to insure a much brighter future.

If you are at a point in your life that you feel you need to make specific changes and if you feel the need to start fresh, this would be the place for you to do just that. Each member of staff are qualified professionals who are there to make this process as effortless as possible for you.

Detoxing your whole body of the physical ,dietary, emotional responses and reaction, to take control of your thought patterns and develop the mind set and skill set to insure a more productive and rewarding life.

We believe this delicate process is better done away from home and people and surroundings that might be triggering some of the states you wish to change. For this reason, we created a whole resort for you to restore balance in your life and set grounds to live a free, peaceful life full of energy.

We are here to guide you through making this change using a variety of alternative methods such as talking therapies, herbal medicine, massages and of course a combination of all

We believe that the body, mind, spirit, and emotions cannot be separated because they always work together. The change in one aspect changes all others. This holistic approach lets us look at you as a unique, whole individual who helps us support you most efficiently.

We believe that only by returning to natural ways of life we can restore the balance. We are not trying to establish something artificial here. Instead, we are helping you restore and refresh everything you already have. All the resources are within you, and once you remove the waste around them and let them come through, they will perfectly do that for you and your future.

What would it mean to you if you could believe you can have a new start, get rid of everything negative from the past and set the right course toward your brilliant future?

What would it mean to achieve this? What if it was possible to completely change your life and live in balance, prosperity, and well-being for the rest of your days.


What Our Clients Say About Us

I've had therapy sessions on and off for the past year with Markos. I've always found I have more strength, energy and contentment after a session.Went to see him for six sessions about why I don't feel happy anymore. The results after the six sessions were amazing and have been great ever since.

Chris StewartWriter, Artist, Teacher

Markos has helped me take control of my life, helping me to become the best person I can be in a professional, positive and caring manner. Dealing with emotional issues I carried around from a very young age, not only that but guiding me in the right direction to achieving my goals successfully. Over a period of time I have made dramatic changes through the use of his techniques.

JennyYogi, Wellness Coach

No matter what kind of mood I have, the minute I step into the Center, I change, I become the happiest person in the world! Thank you so much for being here for us! Best Center Ever!!!

Jorge GardnerYoga Instructor

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