When your personal skills, emotional responses and behavior patterns are not serving your life’s ambitions in the way that they should, we are here to help you change that.

Empower yourself to take the first step forward. Learn and develop the skills to improve your physical health. Free yourself from the emotional ties of the past and let go of all the limiting beliefs and unwanted behavior patterns.

We have brought together a team of qualified experts to assist you in your personal and professional development. Detoxing physically, Emotional and psychologically can give you that necessary mind set and motivation to apply yourself wholeheartedly to any and all areas  of your life that you choose to improve.

We offer coaching, and a variety  of training’s that can help you achieve your desired goals. We also offer a great range of herbal therapies to help you physiologically.

At M.B Care we offer a variety of programs to help you improve your physical health, deal with emotional issues and unwanted behavior patterns.

All mb care retreat programs are designed with you in mind, so that you can get the full benefits from your personal development program of your choice.

Taking  some time  out from the hassle and bustle of your everyday life  for yourself can prove to be a priceless investment.

We can work with you on stress related skin rush such as eczema and psoriasis. We can help with substance abuse such as alcohol and drug abuse. If you have unresolved past emotional conflicts associated with family members or relationships, emotional trauma from specific experiences such as accidents, overreacting, paranoia, anger issues, fears, phobias, or emotional blocks such as the inability to commit to long term relationships then we will have a therapy to suit you.

We can help to relieve persistent thought patterns that are preventing you from moving in the direction you want to go. We will work on obsessive thought patterns or compulsions that drive you to smoke, over-eat or gamble.

A holistic approach can be taken to break down and work on all elements of your experience, or you may choose to pick one individual part to tackle with us. We are proud to offer all of the above as well as ongoing development classes including Stress Management and Confidence Building.

In today’s busy society, it’s more important than ever to take time for yourself to recharge. We believe that to fulfil your full potential you must be healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Each of our treatments is designed to do just that. We will work with you to create a program that meets all of your needs. We hope that you’ll come away from our retreats having made lasting changes that improve your life forever. You’ll still always be welcome back to work on more issues, take a class, or simply get a great massage.

We are committed to creating a place of health and happiness for you. We will help you move from living a life by chance to designing a life by choice.  Get in touch today  to see which programme will work best for you.


  • Chante January 21, 2019 5:45 pm

    The thing is, these key Holdem tips can adjust the whole method you see your game.

    • Markos May 11, 2019 4:25 am

      hi, Chante. Life itself is a game, the assets that one accumulates over time can be brought together to ensure a winning hand in life against the unforeseen and challenges of life. Thank you

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