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We offer a huge range of therapies to cater for all needs. We can build a tailored retreat that will work specifically to relax you and help you in your day to day life. We love to host people who want to get away from everyday life and experience a total rejuvenation.

We take a holistic approach which means treating the whole body as well as the mind. We believe that this helps you to leave feeling truly refreshed, rather than only healing one issue. We offer accommodation so that you can focus on yourself without distractions from the outside world.

Your physical self is just important to your mental state as your actual thoughts. That’s why we provide physical treatments alongside our coaching.Seven different types of massage are available ranging from a quick Express Massage to a luxurious Full Body Massage. We can provide Reflexology when you need a holistic approach to diagnosis and Sports Massage for athletes. Our massage therapists are fully trained to work with your body to relieve tension and heal your muscles.

We can provide a course of Herbal Medicine. This uses the medicinal elements of herbs and plants to gently treat your ailments. They may be administered through an infusion of herbs in water, a syrup or lotion, or sometimes a poultice or compress. If you are looking to treat your energy levels, emotional health, nutritional health or immune system then this is a great option to explore. We can also treat muscle and joint pain, skin problems, digestion issues and allergies.

For the mind, we provide talking therapies including neuro-linguistic programming, life coaching and executive coaching. Our expert therapists are fully trained so that they can help you with every aspect of your life. Life coaching helps you to develop self-awareness and set goals for your personal development. Driven by a coaching model, you’ll be asked to set aside your fears and be truly open and honest to find your true purpose. Executive coaching will help you to change your behaviour within work and help you take your career to the next level.

When you need a complete overhaul, you can take part in our detox programmes. These are designed to help you remove any physical or emotional limitations from your life. They will help you to let go of habits and thoughts that are holding you back from your true potential. A physical detox will focus on habits and nutrition, whilst our emotional detox helps you to change your thought patterns. If you feel that your behaviour needs significant changes, then you may find our psychological detox the most beneficial.  All of these will look at physical and emotional changes that could help you. You’ll be in control of how your programme works; it really is all about you.

We’re here to help you decide which therapies are best for you and how you should use them to enhance your life. Here at M.B. Care, we’re committed to making it all about you. Get in touch so that we can start creating your dream retreat.

Therapy benefits all aspect of your being. It serves as a compass through a change you wish to make. It gives a new perspective for a new life you can create.

Some of the most important benefits would include:

– a better understanding of yourself

– figuring out exactly what you want out of life

– managing stress

– improve relationships with your family and friend

– develop a plan for coping with future challenges

– end destructive habits and replace them with new ones

– gain control over your emotional state

– gain clarity

– reestablish balance

– create goals and ways to achieve them

– eliminate toxins

– strengthen immune system

– fight of an illness
Talking therapies
Talking therapy relieves your mind from worries, from thoughts about problems or obstacles that are in your way. It’s useful talking to someone who is not a part of your life and can be objective. A therapist or coach is like a mirror in which you can see yourself but also your future clearly than ever before. Overcoming heavy, burdening emotions such as anger, fear, anxiety, sadness or desperation helps the whole body regain strength and energy to move forward. This therapy allows you to rewire your brain and set it up for success and prosperity. It gives you the opportunity to deal with future challenges in a more useful way than before. Letting you be mindful in the present moment, you can deal with the past and create the most beautiful future for you.

NLP Counselling

One of the methods of psychotherapy we offer is NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming. NLP is an approach to communication, personal development, and psychotherapy. The emphasize is on the connection between neurological processes, language and behavioral patterns that we learn from experience. It started out as a tool for modeling successful people. Its creators found many methods and strategies, thinking patterns and belief system successful people used and replicated for the successful results.

NLP Executive Coaching

Moving your career and business forward means you will be moving forward as well. Different contexts or areas of your life are not that separated as you might think, they are, like all the various aspects of ourselves, intertwined. So working on yourself outside your office can mean more productivity, creativity, efficiency or better communication inside of it. Learn the art of state management. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be in a productive, balanced, focused state every single day? What would it mean for your business to know all of this and how much did not knowing this cost you so far? Not just in money, but in feelings of stress, regret or frustration?

NLP Life Coaching

Can give that much needed mind clarity of mind, becoming aware of the skills you already have, give you the confidence to grow by developing  those skills and even learning new ones along the way



Is you may say a manual for effectively understanding the functions of your brain  and with a set of tools to help you refine how you use it to establish better relationships over come fears or phobias becoming more confident refining language to insure you are clearly understood and always well received. NLP  has been used primarily in four sectors  business for developing better strategies for communication,sales ,and effective leadership techniques


Through collaboration with a therapist, and in a supportive environment you can talk openly without having to expect judgment. This is a kind of therapy that is oriented in helping you work through difficult patterns from the past, or traumas even, negative emotions and get a better understanding of your self. help you develop skills to deal with the future challenges you may have in life.


All  of our past experiences  memories, beliefs, feelings our desires are recorded with in our subconscious mind. the use of hypnosis can prove to be very effective when looking to modify behavior such as stopping smoking over eating and many more it can prove to help with pain relief also psoriasis and nerve rashes and deal with emotional trauma

Time Line Therapy

In our minds time is linear, and because of that, we store our memories in a such a linear manner in an internal memory storage system. Timeline therapy facilitates the elimination of painful emotions attached to specific events of past. It helps get the learning from those events and use them as a powerful resource for the future.

Stress Management

Stress puts our entire well-being at risk, making it harder on us to think clearly, function effectively and feel joy and fulfillment. Our body weakens, becomes prone to illnesses and diseases. Stress management will help you to break off the grip in which stress is holding you. It will allow you to achieve clarity, balance and enjoy your life. Learning the enforcing the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges that come your way with confidence calm and free to live happily and with excitement.

Herbal medicine

Herbal medicine serves as a shower for our inner body. It cleanses you from all the waste, toxins and other harmful things that have been piling up for years. Starting from scratch means erasing what was there before. So a thorough purification of your whole body is proper preparation. Every problem we created in our bodies was as a result of taking a step away from nature. And because of this, the only solution to restoring that lost balance is to start approaching it again. We are already given every answer, it’s all out there, ready for us to use it.

We are all meant to be healthy. Herbal medicine aims to return the body its natural balance so that the body can start healing itself. Pharmaceutical medicines do solve the consequence, but because they work instead of you, they don’t go anywhere near the source of the problem. If it gives your body artificial nutrients or hormones it needs, your body can never learn to do that for itself again. In that way medicaments can weaken our body, even more, making us rely on this kind of these drugs. Natural is causing your body stronger so it can fight off illness, viruses or even stress on its own.

Herbal medicines have been in use longer than any scientific trial or study; the number of people involved bigger than any group selected for a trial, and it doesn’t have nearly as much side effect as pharmaceutical drugs. It withstood the test of time for a good reason. The knowledge of medicinal plants was passed from generation to generation, and our mission is to continue that tradition.


Massage is not beneficial just for the body, for numerous known reasons such as muscle relaxation, headache relief, posture improvement, increased circulation, lower blood pressure and a stable heart rate. It also affects our mind, and that is why it’s so powerful. It stabilizes our hormones and once they are in balance so is our emotional state. Through massage our body is relieved of stress, anxiety, blocked emotions, and our body can breathe freely. Only in a carefree body can we have carefree thoughts.

Through a variety of massages, we offer you can expect a variety of changes in your lifestyle. Specifically, we offer,

Back and Neck Massage to relieve the stiffness in muscles and stimulate the blood flow that prevents headaches.

Full Body Massage to treat yourself and experience a calm, harmonious and peaceful state